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Reviews for "Pirates of the Undead Sea"

nice one

i got stucked at some parts but managed to get them done without looking at the walktrough =P, the mermaid is nice drawed


The best Humor/Puzzle ever


This reminded me A LOT of the long lost glory days of Lucasarts.
More animations and maybe some voice acting and it would have been a 10.
I had fun though (in a Monkey Island-kinda way), and im hoping there will be a sequel!

Toldly agree with Kfunk

You know sometimes when we as viewers come across games and or etc... we generally enjoy. Thus in effect causing us to want to write an awesome review about said game, flash, music and or artwork but after reading other reviews. We find that someone else has just beaten us to the posting of a awesome review. This again is one of those times. Damn it. Nice review Kfunk and great game PahuPahu crew. Had to play this game a few time because I am on a shitty lab top that kept freezing. Again great job PahuPahu crew. Fantastic artwork and very solid story. Looking forward to playing other games your group has made. Plus just added this as my first Favorite game! 9 out of 10!!!

Excellent Job!

The animation and gameplay were first rate! The puzzles were generally sensible (I thought one solution was random), and very well done! The puzzles were fairly straightforward, which I felt was perfect for this sort of game. THANK YOU for avoiding the point and click trap of forcing players to click the screen ad nauseum in order to find hidden objects. What I felt set this game apart was the writing. It is so rare to find a game that combines good drawing with good writing, that you should be commended. The lighthearted tone was perfectly complemented by the characters, the jokes, and the dialogue. You did a great job developing this game, and I am hoping for a sequel.

Thank you for making this game, I thoroughly enjoyed it!