Reviews for "Missilebreak Outvaders"

I like

Its a combination of two classic arcade games you deserve a 4/5

This didn't make the daily top 5? Criminal.

What a great little game. Combines two retro games I didn't particularly love and combines them into one fun concept. Get this game into the app store, stat. Great work.

jonathansfox responds:

We were still under judgment when yesterday's top 5 were selected, so we got rolled over a day. Competition was tough today, but we made 4th place!

Good game, but....

I am slightly confused, are there only 2 levels? or is this game just not working correctly on my computer? I cant seem to "move on" from the first level of each game mode, is this intentional? If not this game may be a bit buggy.
Either way, its fun, i like the retro style of it.

I think some further development is very possible for this game, perhaps adding upgrades and maybe instead of a simple paddle make it resemble a ship like the one from galaga or somesuch, for artistic flair.

Well played


i got bored kinda quickly tbh, nothing that great

cool concept

i too have found that the game freezes when you beat the first level perfectly. what gives?

jonathansfox responds:

I would like to know what gives too. I guessed it might be medal related, but I just tested this out with an alternate account that doesn't have the medals yet, and still wasn't able to reproduce a game freeze after beating the first level perfectly -- I just got two medals and the game continued. Anyone else who has this issue, please PM me with your operating system, browser, and Flash version information, to help me to find and kill this bug. You can find out your version of Flash here:

http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/155/tn_15507 .html

For reference, I'm using Flash Player 11, which was recently released. If you aren't and are experiencing this issue, try updating and see if that helps.