Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"


this was creepy; all in white and black, music that makes you feel some kind of madness, dead guys, blood...
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

sadly, I couldn´t figure how to keep going after the spining weel with the NE0P xD
I will be looking forward for more of your creepy stuff :D

NightDead responds:

Thank you friend! :)
Have a creepy halloween!

good game

i hope you can make more game like this.I love the melancholic,the dark.

NightDead responds:

Thank you for playing!
I'm working on new games a little more sadistic.

Have a creepy halloween :D


i wonder what the secret medals are

NightDead responds:

To find the secret medals: you should look at the scenes where it snows

Thnx 4 the 10

have a bizarre week

the fox

how can you save the fox from suicide?

NightDead responds:

Thnx 4 play my game :D
You can see how to get the medals on my profile, but, I recommend to be the last option, would be better trying to find out for yourself.

Have a creepy weekend

If there is a god, his bunnys would die this way XD