Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"

Good, but really hard an a little annoying.

Hard game, but you sure improved from the first one; for some is gonna be a challenge to many is gonna be annoying deal wit some thing, but you´re in the rigth way, especially adding more medal and events.

NightDead responds:

Thnx for the comments, I will strive to improve.

have a creepy halloween! :)

There are fun games, and then...

there are games that are just unforgiving. The giant robot in the third level is like that. I had the patience to beat the mine cart level, but I just wasn't having fun playing a game that has the same scripted sequence of events that must be perfectly executed. The rabbits attack is laughable, while his hit box is rather large. The giant robot can one-shot you with the arrows that come from under the floor, assuming you dodge the giant hammer and laser eyes. Some games, while hard, are still enjoyable because there is variety. This is just the same getting-my-ass-handed-to-me over and over. I hope other people enjoy it more than I did.

NightDead responds:

I hope ;)
thanks for play

Happy halloween

I quit

Alright I had enough. You make it hard with that chase scene, the giant angry face is chasing after you and that part is hard for me and that is where I give up. i can't run that obstacle course! At least I get a medal.

NightDead responds:

See the arrows when they appear on your screen (half a second before the action) are an indication.

Have a creepy Halloween friend :)

Nutty game!

I found this to be better than the first game, if only because it was a lot zanier. It really helps that the tone changes so quickly. First, we get to the part with the darkness and nothing happens and then we get this fast paced mine game! That is easily the hardest because you move too slowly. When I press the up button to get up, I don't have enough time to press it again as I don't hit the ground again! Anyway, the music (wherever it was) was extremely fitting as well.

For the first level, try to completley avoid the part of the bridge that will fall down. In the next part of the level, try to just jump at the beginning so the spikes won't hit you on the way down. Oh, and be sure to catch those buttons. It can be so annoying when your reaction time isn't good enough. Thank you for this awesome game!

NightDead responds:

Thank you for the comments and especially for the time to play and perceive what the game offers (good things and some bugs)

Have a creepy Halloween!

Nice graphics and music, but

the game is too hard and crooked. Actually, it is so bad that not worth playing it.

NightDead responds:

Difficult games are for smart people, only suitable are able to overcome games with errors like mine and I congratulate you for finishing my game, but if you don't like it and you aren't going to give constructive contributions don't play it and that's it. I hope that in a moment you can be able to appreciate the work of others instead of criticizing also, when you upload something I will visit it and I'll appreciate your effort.

If you want to play a perfect game just put your xbox and play a game which had about 500 persons working behind it.

Have a fun Halloween and thnx for the comments about the design :)