Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"


this was creepy; all in white and black, music that makes you feel some kind of madness, dead guys, blood...
LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!

sadly, I couldn´t figure how to keep going after the spining weel with the NE0P xD
I will be looking forward for more of your creepy stuff :D

NightDead responds:

Thank you friend! :)
Have a creepy halloween!

Yay! I finished It!

The art is just amazing! And it makes you wonder what on earth is going on because of its amazing eerie black and white environment!
I also got almost all the medals! Cant get the secret medals! :(
I'm just simply at awe with the art!

NightDead responds:

thanks for play :D

It is gratifying when someone enjoys my work

Have a creepy Halloween

Mysterious And Classical!

Wow Dude This Game Is Great!I Also Don't Mind The Lighting At All Because It Gives It A "Mysterious" Theme!The Music Is Very Well Made Too Since It Makes The Game Seem A Bit More Interesting...The Gameplay Is Very Classical, It Reminds Me Of An Old Game I Played Several Years Ago...It Was An SNES 1991 Game...It's A Great Classic Adventure Style Game That Only True Gamers Can Comprehend.And My Comment To Wicked Child "Go-Troll-Barbie-Games-You-Fag".This Is Very Nicely Done Dude...I Appreciate That You Made The Game So...So...Classical...There Is NO Flaw To This Game...No Flaw At All...I Like The Traps That Only Idiots Would Fall For...Well The Final Thing I Have To Say Is...

NightDead responds:

Thanks for your words, also the game is based on SNES system, those games that used to be difficult that made you annoy but when you finished it you used to laugh of their creators :D

good times :)

yup, thnx for play and have a creepy halloween.

Good, but a bit too dark

Nice game, I really liked the atmosphere and the music. I enjoyed the somewhat harder parts, even though they didn't really seem to fit into the game. I mean, you're wandering through a dark forest and a dark cave, and suddenly you are in a mine cart Donkey Kong Country style. I would've liked to see some more puzzles and maybe a nice storyline, but I definitely enjoyed the game. I think I do prefer part 1 though.

The only real point of criticism I have, is that you made the game too dark. Yes, it does add a Halloween vibe to the game, but this was the first time ever I had to adjust the brightness of my screen just to play. Other than this, keep up the good work, and I'm looking forward to part 3!

NightDead responds:

Thank you very much for the contribution, I like these comments, help me to offer something of higher quality.

Have a creepy halloween!

why are people crying

Not sure why people are crying about the game being too hard ...... seriously everything is fine!!!

NightDead responds:

thank you very much!!!
It's good to know that someone enjoys the difficulty of the SNES-style games of 1992

like me!

Have a creepy Halloween friend :)