Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"

Good but...

This game is not bad at all, in the same vein as the previous one but sometimes much less dark (eg the smiley). It is just less super fun to play.
However, we encounter the same problems as in the first episode: a break too rough (drag the edge of a platform, the reaction time), a "hit box" too wide (the robot boxer touches me when I am not in range). I also find the complex at the second level where I'm stuck (I picked up the item and I click anywhere on the ball but I always have the sound error, frustrating).
Finally, a game that still holds all its promises, friendly, but that has not changed much from the first episode, especially in terms of handling.

NightDead responds:

Thank you friend!

So frustrating.

But SO awesome. Great job; blows the original Dawn right out of the water. Keep it up!

NightDead responds:

thnx 4 the comments friend
Have a INSANE and bizarre Halloween

nice series I hope you make a sequel

possibly on haloween *sinister laugh* But seriously Good game good series its all good

NightDead responds:

than you friend!
have a creepy and insane halloween :D


Way better than the !st its bloody Yey!!!!! goood game dude have a happy (and creepy) halloween!

Im a zombie ninja cuse im 8 =)

NightDead responds:

Thank you very much!

Have a insane halloween!

good game

i hope you can make more game like this.I love the melancholic,the dark.

NightDead responds:

Thank you for playing!
I'm working on new games a little more sadistic.

Have a creepy halloween :D