Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"


i wonder what the secret medals are

NightDead responds:

To find the secret medals: you should look at the scenes where it snows

Thnx 4 the 10

have a bizarre week

dead bunny :(

I can't rly start the story where do i go after i read the note from the dead bunny?

NightDead responds:

try pressing the button that says "rewind the story"

thnx 4 the 9

Fun game, requires good timing

I enjoyed the game very much. Some of the challenges were more difficult than others, but everything was doable if you know how to do it. I am a little disappointed you didn't use the feedback from the old game in regards to the controls. It really does help to have one dedicated keyboard hand and one dedicated mouse hand, and that's just not possible when you have to switch between the arrow keys and the keyboard. The warnings on the cart level were a little short as well, but I eventually figured out the pattern. I just have one question: is it possible to save the raccoon?

NightDead responds:

Thanks for your feedback, I do not ignore the comments written, each detail is taken into my bizarre mind.
I'm improving the quality of play, so part 3 (I hope the final) will take a while.
I want to improve the handling of buttons and graphics.
Thanks for the 10

Have a crazy weekend

The racoon must die!!!


When I first opened the game up, I really enjoyed the haunting, creepy mood, with a fitting music and cool art style. However, the over-the-top fast-paced action and giant robot boss fights ruined that for me. Please, next time have a less distinguishing line between the two elements, making the "boss fights" fit into the the theme instead of making them so shockingly bizarre.

On top of that, the mine part section was absurdly frustrating. The jumps or the ducks came way too fast even for the fastest of reaction times, so you basically had to memorize what to do when. It's not a hard pattern: up up down, but the timing was what kept my teeth grinded for a good 15 minutes. Sorry, that's just not what I look for in a, as you had put it yourself, a Point 'n Click Adventure.

Overall, I loved the atmosphere of the game, which was kind of ruined for me by the boss fights and the "excitement music"... great work with a lot of potential, looking forward to the sequel!

P.S. Its kinda late but happy Halloween!

NightDead responds:

Thnx for the comments help me to improve.

happy halloween (all days are halloween!!! :/)

coolest game evar¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

this game is frustrating,creepy and estrange i love it¡¡

NightDead responds:

yeah!!! this is the halloween spirit!
have a creepy week