Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"

One minor but frustrating flaw.

The cart ride seems like less a test of reflexes, and more a test of memory and mental endurance.


game is really fun
good flash and atmosphere (music and horror style)
but moment with escape ball is shit

NightDead responds:

thank you :)
have a creepy weekend

the fox

how can you save the fox from suicide?

NightDead responds:

Thnx 4 play my game :D
You can see how to get the medals on my profile, but, I recommend to be the last option, would be better trying to find out for yourself.

Have a creepy weekend


i really enjoyed the game....:D it was really fun to play i loved how creepy it was :)

NightDead responds:

thank you friend, I hope you like the next part.

Have a creepy weekend

Review for The Dawn 2.

Way too easy, I finished this in 5 minutes. Try making it more difficult next time.
Maybe put a life count? Maximum 3 lives?
If you're going to make it so short, maybe improve a bit of the animation.
Good try.

NightDead responds:

yes, is a very short game, but to extend the life incorporates many medals. Do you have all?
In part three (final) I hope to improve and exceed the expectations of all.

Thanks for the 6

(sorry for my english)
Have a insane week