Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"

If there is a god, his bunnys would die this way XD

Question. Did you play test this and think having to move a hand between the keyboard and mouse was a good idea?

If so, what is your IQ?

NightDead responds:

Yes, many children played the game without problems

Question: don't you have any coordination between eyes, fingers and hands?
How old are you? 5??????? 4???
you will never finish a classic games like Mario Bros 3, Castlevania, Contra, etc.

Greetings, have a nice day :)

Nice game!!

I like soo much the theme of the game, and we know like LIMBO but its soo hard to pass the last jump in the level 2 and no lose life in the final boss [i think its impossible] anyways, good work.

NightDead responds:

Thnx, you can download the original soundtrack http://www.mediafire.com/

Thnx for play and have a creepy weekend

I like it but 1 question...

is there a way NOT to kill the raccoon?

NightDead responds:

The Racoon always die.

Thnx for play the game :)


I love so much how u did! But i have a question,what's the name of the very first song on the game when the Rabbit is in the forest? Go on guy! ;)

NightDead responds:

A scene never remembered by Struluckt :)