Reviews for "THE DAWN 2"

en realidad el juego me pareció interesante las gráficas pero el juego no se entiende mucho

This is like Limbo but your a rabbit and I LOVE IT!!!!!

I don't understand why this game has received such a high rating. IMHO I didn't find the storyline compelling and the high level of difficulty coupled with the low quality of control made for a poor experience overall. Here are my suggestions for a future game.

1) Improve the controls - there have been numerous complaints about the difficulties with managing keyboard and mouse controls at the same time, and these are valid. You should really pay attention to your reviewers rather than mocking their hand-eye coordination skills. Jumping also does not work if you click the up arrow at the same time as the right or left arrow, which was a problem I encountered in the first game as well, and makes the boss levels incredibly difficult.

2) Tone down the difficulty of boss levels - If the majority of people are dying at least 10 times before passing even the first boss level, there may be something wrong with the design. As an example, I found the little arrows indicating when you should jump or duck to appear far too late to help me. I had to play (and die) enough times to memorize the layout of that boss level to pass as the hints were no help. If things are too difficult, people are likely to give up and not follow-through with the game. At the very least, you can compromise and allow players to choose the level of difficulty upon entering the boss zone.

3) Add a mute button - The music was pleasant at first, but quickly became repetitive. Sound control would be nice.

4) Categorize the game properly - As other users have pointed out, this is not a point-and-click game but rather a platformer. You might receive happier reviews/players if you market the game to right audience.

In terms of what was good, there was much more detail in the background which was nice, and some clever personalities were added to the rabbit and his friends which was fun. I like that he would fall asleep if you left him alone for too long. The medals were fun to attain as well, but a game shouldn't rely on that. If you decide to go ahead with another game, I hope these comments helped, and good luck!

I like the game but the controls are messed up. You can't fave arrows space bar and mouse. We only have two hands

at first I though it was very interesting and I was curious to see how the story would play out, but by the time I had gotten to the part with the angry faic there was no time to think and so I died more then 10 times before I decided to air my concerns. but ill try and give you some advice, liked it from the beginning but the fuel started to burn out near the middle, next time try to make things easier for everyone. Also, I dont know if you did this or not no offense but next time play the game for yourself and see your concerns with it beforehand.