Reviews for "Madness Combat"

Uh, it was good...

...until you brought in what looked to be Jesus and then just killed him off. That just doesn't sit well with me. Nice animation, though. The music fit well with the flash and I liked the senseless violence. Just leave out the Jesus-shooting next time. Don't need to go that far.

One flaw


very funny and fun to watch

that was awsome except 4 the fact that there was no blood :( but it was a funny thing to watch 30 dudes die and I like the end when he killed the dancin guy


im chinese but i noe about jesusu and all n dats just bad...
u could have sent a hell demon instead cos hell demons usually create zombies
so wats up with killing jesus?!?!?!
its nice and all.. but the jesus part SPOILT the WHOLE THING!!!!!!!!!

hank kicks butt all the time