Reviews for "Madness Combat"


Heh, all I can say is, keep it up. =P

Unbelivably good!!!

Dude, Krinkles...this cracked me the hell up man. LOL It was so smooth I couldn't belive it, was that all frame by frame? Oh man, LOL. Im still laughing...what a little bastard. The song was fricken perfect, not gonna say which one cause it will give away the surprise for others but goddamn it that was funny. WOOT!!! All my 5 R blong to this!!! and I dont do that very often.

Great job, Im gonna go watch this again.

yay, techno chicken dance.

that was AWESOME. the best work i've seen on newgrounds in ages. great animation, and purely original.
and i loved that dude that danced in the background.
all my 5 belong to this

Pretty damn good

WOW! That really wasn't what I was expectied... it was better, much better in fact. When it started, I must admit I thought it was going to suck, but then out of no where our heroe delivers a random punch! LOL! Nice work. A +!

That rocked!

That was a great flic! Only one question could he have really killed Jesus with that gun?