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Reviews for "Opaix - Distant Galaxy"

Oh, god. This is a great composition!

Sadly, I usually encounter poor-quality vsts like those you use here on newgrounds. Maybe some people say that some of these instruments just "add to the feel of the song", but I beg to differ. I think a good composition should be produced with equally good instruments.

So here's my advise: either buy, or (if you're a cheap asshole like me) download East West Quantum Leap Symphony Orchestra (aka EWQLSO) or Philharmonik. Go get Kontakt 5 while you're at it. You will thank me.

Anyways, good job overall. Definitely followed.

Keep it up!


The only complaint I have is the sounds should have been synths instead of fake instruments.

ElectroLord99 responds:

xD lol ty jaykwub

the percussion could be a bit louder, its really hard to hear through the pads nice composition though, agree with Kabalist, go get Kontakt 5.

- Pandasticality

ElectroLord99 responds:

yeah i've never even learned how to make orchestra music, i just jumped into it without any knowledge haha.
but doing that taught me new things! i never even knew Kontakt 5 existed.


I enjoyed the track, but it was too repetitive, was hoping for a B part. With the addition of a second section I think this would be a really killer track.