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Reviews for "DaveyToons10172011"

Great Concept

Great Concept, Great work Brother, Keep Creating, Late.


Nice beat and just about what you would expect at NG for animation....so good! Are you trying to have the longest streak of TotW awards? Congratulations Sir!

an innocent turd of the week...

With no sign of retarded humor or racial remarks?! It's a miracle, this is much better then the cess pool of former turd of he week flashes. It seems like you guys were experimenting an original character but just didn't have the experience to impress the masses. And To be fair, rightly so.

Everything within this flash could use improvement. The highlight of this flash is the use and animation of color if you use brightness and color shading to your advantage it would make the club more convincing.

OVERALL: At least you present an honest artist work,confirmed by the lack of reviews. If you don't already know NG users LOVE to bash, and this flash hardly has anything bash-worthy. I commend you guys for being brave enough to test drive a concept hopefully if you have the drive. You'll improve on it. Remember take every opinion with a grain of salt.

Visually it looks interesting to say the least

I'm actually really disappointed because there was so much potential in this very flash to do so much more.

Your usage of color theory and the way the animation was kept surreal reminded me of the work of Catoblepas but drawn in a more crude child like fashion in fact i would say this style is visually awesome.

Beyond that there was really nothing much more compelling than the graphics itself because it was a simple loop of a DJ scratching the shit out of records.

I was expecting that maybe if i pressed some kind of button on the DJ that something else would happen and i ended up right clicking and playing and went right back to the preloader.

It really pains me to give you a low score because i see so much potential in you and so much potential in these daveytoons.

I say keep em going and your abilities will excel beyond belief because making spam is like training in the gym.

The more you do it than the more muscle you build up.


David responds:

Ah, my dear old friend, thank you for these kind words. Maybe I will have the drive to do something cool in the future with a similar concept. I will work towards better things, but of course there will be spam.

Turd of the week?

It's really not that bad. In fact I thought it was alright. It was short, didn't have a story, but hey, It's a nice little thing. I'm surprised they didn't find anything worse to put for turd of the week.