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Reviews for "Fisher-Diver"

I should have been bored

I played through this game in one sitting, and what can I say? It's simple and repedative, and I really should have gotten bored real quickly. But there is just something about the concept that kept me going. The music and gameplay makes you wanna go just a little deeper, and see just how big the fish get. The ending was also very mysterious and great! Out of all the philosofical games that "make you think" this is the very best.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thank you so much!

Great concept game!

I really liked, but I really can't say more about it than what the reviewer just below me already did. I'll state again, however, that the main thing going for this game is the freedom, something you didn't get at, say, Ecco the Dolphin. And the atmosphere too was killer, making it menacing to go deeper into the ocean as the music suddenly fades and then grows hostile as the surface is respectively growing distant.

5 Thumbs Up!

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks a ton-the atmosphere and the exploration were two of the most important things in the game's development, so I'm thrilled to see that you liked them!

ill admit...

ill admit that at first i was a little lost at what to do....but once i understood what i was doing i realized that this game is very very fun. nice job

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks for sticking around!

Almost Nothing Wrong With It.

I love the physics and how you made the fish, it makes it so much more freaky when you get to the big ones.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks! I had tons of fun writing the fish building code.

Love this game, the music is so relaxing