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Reviews for "Fisher-Diver"

Fun game! The graphics were really nice, and I especially loved the concept of shooting each part of a fish only once. This made taking aim really crucial and the gameplay interesting. Although it lagged once you started going deeper, I feel like you still could have done more to make the game a bit longer, especially with the journals. I liked the fusion of Motherload and flOw, but some upgrades just didn't feel worth it, especially the harpoon, since I had practically beaten the game by the time I got it.

The story was interesting, but I don't feel like it was up to the quality standards of your other work. The hunter becomes the hunted, okay, we've seen that before. Maybe I'm missing something. I feel like Carney could have done better when it came to the music, too. Somehow the mood of the game didn't really capture me the way your other games have.

Even so, this is a very original and fun game!

Again, as is with all of your games, this is amazing. Took me a few hours to finish the story, but it was well worth it. Poor fisherman guy. All he wanted, really, was to catch fish.

The twist was amazing. (As was the huge fish I encountered in the breathable portion of the ocean). I should've known there was something wrong with that Captain Connell. This is what happens to people when they become bored with monotony. They go crazy homicidal.

Again, this was a great, artsy game. I loved it. KUDOS TO YOU!

First i was enthralled by Fixation.. couldn't help but play The Company of Myself. Dude, this is some seriously DEEP stuff. The story lines along with these two games alone are so profound to me, i almost find it ridiculous.
I then, couldnt help but check out your other two works. I started with FindingMyselfInARoom.. a particularly 'dark' room, but i loved it. Came right out of the gates and guessed hate before any other emotion.
This particular gem was my last stop on your surprisingly short resumé of flash games. I was totally convinced there were many more games behind this one. With this being my temporary last stop, I was sincerely surprised at how light-hearted i was lead into believing this game was. I couldnt help but wonder when the now trade-makred (in my mind) twist would play in. And then the nightmare hit.. i knew i was in for yet another ride. Especially with all the subtleties played into the narrative and the creepy letters. Everything was just really phenomenal and i never would of expected to find such thought provoking concepts and real feelings in flash games found online. Real brilliant work and outstanding writing on your part as well. Everything just played greatly into the awesome music as well. wow. Good luck in all future endeavors and projects! This, of course, wont be my last stop dwelling into one of your games:]

i actually got past the giants that were in the players nightmare through a glitch and have gotten to the boss enemie
p.s good game EPIC actually

Very good, but I was expecting a little more.

While I loved the it, I would have wanted more. I was gladly surprised after 1st day's nightmare but it left me waiting for more like that.

Sadly, it didn't deliver like that. However, I still enjoyed it a lot.

- Good graphics
- Fluid movement
- Sweet controls
- Nice story
- A bit creepy (would have liked more of that)

- Would have liked more difficulty against bigger fish. They seemed to be as weak as smaller ones, 2-3 hits and they were dead. I also was close to drowning multiple times but never did. (Closest was 1,6 seconds. Danger of drowning might have been the biggest adrenaline-rush for myself personally.)

- Boss feels like the final nail to the coffin that this was ment as an art game and not one of skill. Since he's unbeatable. I would have liked to even have a chance.

Despite some things I mentioned, I still enjoyed it thorougly and I am looking forward for more from you! Keep on the good work!

4/5, 9/10