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Reviews for "Fisher-Diver"


you had me hooked when the seemingly innocent fishing game became more of a haunting or thought-provoking tale with the Diary and the Nightmare.

The concept died on me after 15 in-game days or so and my interest wavered. But the beginning really had great atmosphere. The game itself is fun and the animation is appealing.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks for the review!

Sorry you lost interest, though. I can't tell whether or not you finished it, but if you didn't and ever decide to give it another go (it autosaves), the game does, indeed, have an ending that (hopefully) ties it together. And you unlock something neat when you get there!

Definately minimalist

Played through 'till free mode unlocked, and enjoyed it.

I loved the mechanics, giving you a gameplay reason to explore rather than camp, and to be patient and pick a good opportunity. The controls were smooth, and the aesthetics reminded me of 'flow'.

That said, it did get a little repetitive, and there was slightly too much swing for me. I would have liked more time to get my bearings on the final story day, as well.

Overall, though, probably the best game i've played this week.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Yup, flOw was one of several sources of inspiration for the game. Good eye!

Simple, Addictive

Great concept, art, and execution. My only complaint is it takes quite a while to find the next guffin.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Yeah man, I can follow that. The guffin gameplay was a constant source of worry for me-it turned out to be way more difficult to balance than I had expected. Glad you liked the rest of it, and thanks for the review!


audio is incredible, visuals are magnificent, despite the simple graphics.
awesome game all round, upgrades are also well thought out.
i'm favoriting this ;)

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks a bunch! I've heard that out of all the monkeys who perform kung fu, you arrived at this site eighth.


I was reminded oddly of Echo the Dolphin for Sega Genesis in the feel of it. I think that a bit more could have been done with the story aspect and adding more upgrades, perhaps something like trophies or some other motive for going after leviathans in the depths.

Still, a very enjoyable game overall.

FreeAsANerd responds:

You know, a lot of people have mentioned Ecco the Dolphin, but I've actually never played it.

Thanks for the feedback!