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Reviews for "Fisher-Diver"

Keeps freezing at the end of day 2 for some reason :( any ideas? Up until that point though....This game rocks something fierce!

Love this game, the music is so relaxing

The first nightmare... Ive had that nightmare

A very creative game, I enjoyed it very much. Couldnt help but played it through in once.

I had so much fun by just diving as deep as I could and then catapult myself to the surface to jump for joy out of the water! Man I LOVE it when you can jump high:D This reminded me a bit of azurefish (where I simply jump for joy too), but just the in and out water jumping..oh and collecting. ^^I also thought about E.V.O.Search for Eden, the swimming in the water biting enemies to upgrade/evolve.
But since your idea is unique, fresh and really creative, there is nothing I now that can be fully compared to it.

I really enjoy those laid back games like this..a cloudy calm day at the sea, only you, you boat and the waves and the wind. I am a company by myself again;) But as I jump into the blue ocean SPLOSH! The music starts and the adventure begins:D thedavidcarney did oh so well in the overall sound design, the snipping and cracking of the fish, the music moods for the different deep coloured zones. It was such a joy and thrill to dive deeper and deeper. I wonder how BIG these fractal thingies can get. And as you are down there it gets darker and darker, the tension is slowly building up..and the fishies begin to snap. I also loved how you gasped for air and the screen went blank!
First I thought the diary was just random fun, whata surprise in the end. Loved the moment as the water gets breathable and lights up!

As I was drifting between 2 large fractal fishs, I thought: Wow this is art, it is playable art. They are are so beautiful, nearly like living beings.

You did well on many parts here, which is rare. The high playability, the free movement, the story, the spare graphics, the music..it all fits so well together. As mentioned, the only thing that lacks creativity and good style are the upgrades and the upgrade menu. (But it didnt bother me during playing, because the game overall is great and I wanted to finish it:) Upgrades are nothing new..maybe crafting your own harpoon from found parts?
As someone before me said, you are good making it mysterious.
Here are some suggestions: add more species to the water, maybe jellies or plankton. You could also collect/buy/craft upgrades for your boat, to sail to new grounds (and discovering old rotten tanks down there, eh;) This would take a little bit of the repetitivness out. I would love to hear seagulls wailing, but maybe this isnt quiet anymore^^ SInce I am keen about jumping you could also upgrad/train this and catch flying fish or birds. (Ergh..I know) The nightmare concept has much potential, would love to see more of it..maybe some difficult and rare bonus levels? I always was especting something nightmarish would appear^^

Thank you for this fine gaming experience!

Excellent. The very ambience of this game draws me into it, completely. Minimalism only adds to it, in my opinion, forcing me to imagine exotic deep-sea predators that the diver must conquer. If the game were more detailed, I think I would immediately start pidgeon-holing opponents - but in this case, I am forced to look at each one seperately, wondering if I can handle them. The music is wonderful, and the feel of the game is perfect!