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Reviews for "Fisher-Diver"

Two Words- Epic Win

This game is epic. I've clocked it twice and I still want to play it again.
One thing I hate though.
Every time I emerge with a full cargo, I almost always meet a fish with really good combo gems, say, 2 green 4 blue. WHAT'S WITH THAT???
Epic Game, plz make a sequel with a longer story.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thank you! I'm not sure if I'll ever actually want to make a sequel to this, but I love the idea of the game and there's definitely room to expand it enough to make a second game that's not just a rehash.

Very good!

This game is top notch. A brilliant game in fact. I love the music and the art style. Not to mention the game's relaxing feeling. The amount of exploration you can put into this is mind-blowing. The amount of time you could take exploring the whole map, from left to right, and from bottom to top could be hours! The ambient sounds sound brilliant also, no breaks in loops or anything. Also, the fact that the ocean gets more mysterious as you plunge deeper into it kinda gives you an eerie feeling, especially after that first nightmare. Once again, brilliant game. 10/5

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks so much!

So nice and relaxing

This is a very good game to mellow out, or more like go to sleep to (In a good way!). The art and ambiance go hand in hand as far as I'm concerned. I've played a TON of flash since its appliance to games and never have come across one such as this.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Thanks a bunch!


i could only recieve on hint, another would freeze the game, major bug dude.

FreeAsANerd responds:

Shit! I'm not sure what causes that. I've never seen it happen on my own machine. Sorry!

Amazing game

I wonder why the title is like that?

FreeAsANerd responds:

You mean the title "Fisher-Diver?" It was the most fitting thing I could think of. It isn't particularly showy, but it's a pretty simple and clear explanation of exactly what you'll be doing.