Reviews for "My Closet Friend"

10 out of 10

Simply gorgeous. You took your time, you thought it out, and then you didnt rush the art. Could not possibly ask more from an amateur flash cartoon. Keep up the outstanding work, and by the by, this should have been number one. Its a shame it wasnt. But fanboys have alot more time on their hands than art appreciators.

pure genious

DUDE, your fucking weird... that means your a fucking genious, keep it up, it was well done


That was simply hilarious. It was very clever.


one of the most decent animations i've seen so far! nice style! i really didn't expect to see the 2 eating each other up! oops, mebe i shouldn't have said that! ~


this is crazy. you must watch this. it's a long movie but it's weird. geez.. i thought he was going to shoot the monster.. what kind of idea is it to let the monster eat you???