Reviews for "My Closet Friend"

funny and unexpected

i liked it!! i like the music...reminds me of old ppl. guy on the crapper cracked me up. woulda liked sound at that part! burpin up the chunk and re-eating...thats gold...lol.


I thought you said friend, because there was whole lot of killing involved, but that was cool, but you could have put sound with the music


Okay that WAS pretty lame, I mean the graphics are awesome but the whole no sound except for the swing music was kind of dumb. Plus you could have made him look in the closet a little less...

Dude u suck!

THis was so dumb! it's a piece of shit!

Jeremie responds:

Thanks! Im always glad when someone likes my movies,

pretty good

ur style seems a lot like smoke show's...... or is HIS style a lot like yours????????????????????????? ????????????????? n e ways, he uses more frames so poo to u. just kidding. good movie.