Reviews for "My Closet Friend"


That my friend was some fucked up shit!

hmm freakishly deformed closet yoda devours man

sounds like a great headline to me.
i give it a four.
dont ask.
just accept.



... and upon further reflection of this most interesting animation, the only thing I can say is wOw. For a uniquely different, and funny as hell video (as all of yours are) I give it an A+.

And Where can I sign up for one of those bobbing hula closet monsters? One of those on my dashboard would be sweet!

Yours truly
Agent 69

Fantastic artwork

Your sketches on your site are fantastic, Your movies are by far my favourite on newgrounds. Keep em coming :)

funny funny

hahha this was great funny stuff.. from start to finish.. the file size was just right aswell.. not to long not to short.. good job...