Reviews for "My Closet Friend"

This really really really rules.

I'm becoming a big fan of your movies. Some of your flash don't have play and replay buttons, you could also ask Legendary Frog how to make pause buttons cos he uses them alot and they are handy trust me. I just don't know how you think up of all this stuff u make it's amazing, you mind must be linked to a super computer or something, you really rock at this stuff man keep going and improving along the way but please keep your style cos i love it.


Loved the ending. Kinda reminded me of an episode of the old-school Freddy Kruger TV series (if anyone remembers them) in the episode that had blonde twins in it. I don't remember the title, course I was like five when watching it. :) And the guy blowing up the monster from inside reminds me of MIB1. But great job. I'm becoming a fan of your animation.

Twisted...in a good way

I love Danny Elfman. You have a great taste in music, and a great animation style. And unlike many others, it doesn't blatantly rip off more famous cartoonists. I'd love to see your stuff on TV someday :)

lol that was funny but wtf???

What was that man? that shyte was weird but still... it WAS funny

that was um.... hard to describe

funny movie but it was extremly random, the first time the monster popped out it scared me.