Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

Woah doode

This is like almost a tv show (the good kind)! Furreal! Just keep it up! :D


Funny as hell. I want you to make more.

I'm just wondering why the score for this is so low. The review rating is 9.9. Pretty impressive. It's so funny i deserves a 4.42, but for some reason it has a 3.96. I really think this should have a higher rating and maybe be # 1 submission for today. I found this to be the best. Did this get zero bombed or something? Great Job hope you make more.

Toonwerks responds:

We and several other movies were victims of zero bombing in the last hour of voting. We were on course to score in the 4.3 area at the end of the day, then dropped a full point in about two minutes. Unfortunate, but thanks for the review!

better then the first!

by far and large the best thing to come out of newgrounds in a long time. make many many more!

one queshtion, will you be adding more characters? the ones you have now are fantastic. and i would love to see the develop a bit more it just feels like your holding back someone epic! any hints on new people, robots, aliens,... creatures from a certain dairy based dimension perhaps? if not that's cool too.


Toonwerks responds:

We've got one or two more major players to introduce in the next episode, plus several minor ones that'll trickle in. We hope that all of our characters are unique and fit the theme of the series. (And yes we know the fish thing has been done.) Thanks for the review!

When will this be a full Tv Series!?

Wow... Simply amazing.
Excellent animation and voice acting. I put this right up there with bitey of brackenwood. There are tons of shows on TV right now, that have worse production quality than this episode. I am really looking forward to watching more of these on newgrounds!
Good luck with the rest of the series!

Toonwerks responds:

I'm sure if we had to make a new episode every week, our production quality would take a nose dive :P

Unless, maybe, that networked paid us exuberant amounts of money to allow us all to quit our jobs and do NOTHING but draw and animate. And even than I'm sure it'd be crazy to do it that fast.

Good work !

Exellent work, the character voice's fits to the character's design.
The Story is interisting and very funny.
Also the characters are cute / cool ;-)

I like to see more Episodes ;)