Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

Of course towels are the opposite of cheese

I was wondering when this would come out. Excellent, just like before. I love the characters you've added, and really hope to see this series continue!

"We lost him in the vortex, sir, along with 14 humans."
"Good, 1 causality"


Toonwerks responds:

No no, DAMP towels are the opposite of PROVOLONE cheese. You have to be very specific when dealing with time and space bending warp engineering.

Nice Shout-out

Yeah, don't think I missed "Journey of the Sorcerer". Excellent cartoon you've all produced here, a very high standard of animation, sound, and writing, with great little references for the perceptive viewer. Though the usefulness of towels is undeniable, I'd like to see explanation for how they are the polar opposite of cheese.

Toonwerks responds:

I thought it was obvious O_o. Just like how cherries are the opposite of Air Mattresses


Very funny, original, and not a single second is wasted, this series is just awesome

fived, tenned, faved

Top notch writing, animation, and voice acting. Very rare to see this level of quality in amateur flash. If you guys are building a portfolio for a career doing this stuff, I'm sure you'll be landing sweet gigs in no time.
Keep it up.

Toonwerks responds:

Maybe, but right now we're more concerned with just doing the best job we're able to do. Plus, I'm not sure how we'd handle doing gigs just yet. It'd be amazing for sure but in a way I'm glad it's a stress we don't have to worry about just yet :P


Lol, I love Douglas Adams' "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" Series, and the references here were awesome.

I look forward to the next episode! This series is really well done and worth following!!

Toonwerks responds:

There is some inspiration from his Starship Titanic in the series as well!