Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"


one word lol


Fantastic fusion of animation and character attributes! I loved the ships computer in particular, it's character caused more than one chuckle. Also, the Hitchhikers reference in the title, nicely done :D

I hope you can keep up this standard :D

Another GREAT episode!

This is the kind of stuff they shuld show on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim

My thanks for using my tracks and i hope to see many more episodes from you all.


Toonwerks responds:

And thank YOU for having such a fantastic range of great music here on Newgrounds. Keep it up!


Love the story, music, voices and animation.
It's got me hooked.

Toonwerks responds:

Hooked, like a fish being reeled into it's death!! AHAHAHAHAAHA

But seriously, thanks for the support :P

Love the story so far!

I just wanted to mention that you had said cherries are opposite of Air Mattresses.... I am sorry but you are wrong. Everyone knows that it's not the cherry but the sub atomic particles of deliciousness that counteract with an Air Mattresses. Just thought you should know. I'm so looking forward to the next installment! Are you done with it yet? ......... how about now? Damn.