Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

Newgrounds is really getting professional.


Toonwerks responds:

Pretty much everyone who works under the Toonwerks name supports collaboration through the art / audio portals and keeping up contacts with many other users.

I don't know if it's professional, but we definitely believe in strong community ties if nothing else.

My God...

So many Hitchhiker's references! This is definitely one of the best animations I've seen here. Excellent animation, music, voice acting, and it even has a plot!

More Episodes!

Stat! ... Please :D
This is a top notch series!
Love the animation, voice work, humor, and everything in between.
I can't wait to see the future installments of this series, keep up the great work!


Entertaining. Well drawn. Ok animation; could be smoother(I assume it will get better as more episodes happen). Love the characters appearance, attitudes, and something else that starts with A. Cant wait for the next one :)

Good work !

Exellent work, the character voice's fits to the character's design.
The Story is interisting and very funny.
Also the characters are cute / cool ;-)

I like to see more Episodes ;)