Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"


MAKE MORE!!!! i lov wonders of the universe.

Once there was a ship...

It forgot its jacket, so it didn't have enough pockets!!
And they lived happily ever after!

The end!

Keep up the good work

Please make more!


Is the protagonist supposed to be some dude who takes it up the ass like a champ? I'm a little disappointed with his lack of indignation.

Toonwerks responds:

To be completely fair, he definitely didn't influence the story in this episode so much. He was just sort of getting ready for his day and than suddenly all this junk happened to him.

You can be sure Quintin will play bigger parts in episodes to come, but here we wanted to focus more on some of the other characters to show their personalities and goals.

top-notch Stuff

Really clever and interesting. Loved every moment of it. Lots of talent show in this one :)