Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

Woah doode

This is like almost a tv show (the good kind)! Furreal! Just keep it up! :D

Out of this World!

In just three months, the Toonwerks crew has managed to follow up the Wonders of the Universe Pilot with not just a competent sequel, but a spectacular one. It's a great contradiction to the usual Newgrounds tradition of waiting year after year for great projects from great animators, and make no mistake, Toonwerks has a crew of great animators at the helm of this starship of a series!

Very nice

I loved that Wilhelm Scream you added in there, and the music was great too.

All around thought it was great, look forward to more.


AWESOME! :D you guys simply rock!
awesome drawing awesome story :D!

Some of the best artwork I've seen!

I must be around here too much to think every female is voiced by Rina-chan. I was amazed at how everything worked so wonderfully together in this. I didn't like the previous entries enough to call it one of my favorites, but this changes my mind! It is just fantastic to see the way these characters act and play off each other. I would have to say my favorite character is Linzzey, probably because she's dumb and hot. The captain reminds me of Klaus from "American Dad!".

There are always things that are going on in this cartoon. It only fits that you would have such a massive number of songs and sound effects used for this. It's easy to see how this is slowly becoming very popular. It's easily the best thing LegendaryFrog has worked on in a long time. It makes me proud to be on a website with such fine voice actors. Everything is so dignified and puts so much emotion in everything!