Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

I demand moar wonders!!!

Although I'm only a disgusting human so my request might be most likely disregarded, I'll ask my cat to submit it for me.
Seroiusly, wonderful and fluid animations, appealing and vibrant. Great comedy and fun, magnificent music, we, the people that really appreciates a good job and not some generic troll, give this animation a 5/5 10/10.

Toonwerks responds:

Humans aren't disgusting! They're actually quite tasty with Heinz 57, but than again so is just about everything else.

Thanks for the review!


I dont have anything smart to say...but I cant figure out that a Sandwitch did all of that...Wow

Toonwerks responds:

It has to do with every bit of matter in the universe having an overall positive or negative charge, and how the engine requires a delicate input of space and time, adversely, to keep itself running. The sum of the electrons and protons in a provolone cheese sandwich are just enough to throw this delicate balance into disarray, requiring a perfectly opposite charged balance to input to re-equalize the scale.

Or you could just say it's a plot device. Either one works.


Funny as hell. I want you to make more.

I'm just wondering why the score for this is so low. The review rating is 9.9. Pretty impressive. It's so funny i deserves a 4.42, but for some reason it has a 3.96. I really think this should have a higher rating and maybe be # 1 submission for today. I found this to be the best. Did this get zero bombed or something? Great Job hope you make more.

Toonwerks responds:

We and several other movies were victims of zero bombing in the last hour of voting. We were on course to score in the 4.3 area at the end of the day, then dropped a full point in about two minutes. Unfortunate, but thanks for the review!


I was just looking at the old ones yesterday and showing them to my girlfriend. Now I come back today and get to see the next installment! Great work guys, I can really see the story starting to develop in this.

Toonwerks responds:

The question is, did your girlfriend like it? We weigh our emotions on weather or not girlfriends find us funny.

Quite Spectacular

I love the originality of this thing.
The art & animation is really nice on the eyes and the whole thing seems really professionally done.

You got yourselves a nice crew ;)
Keep it up!

Toonwerks responds:

Well we love the originality of your green icon. More icons should be green!

Thank you btw!