Reviews for "Wonders of the Universe 2"

This was pure Awesome sauce

My only problem is, how is this M?

Toonwerks responds:

We set it to "Mild Nudity" due to the part with the hat at the end. That's apparently an M and not a T rating.

Smiley face <(^-^)>

Towels are the opposite of cheese, never woulda guessed that...

Love it.

The crew that works on this is great in all aspects. Animation, music, characters, voice acting, writing, and I gotta give a lot of praise to Toonwerks for getting all of the together so well.

As an individual episode, it's great. It continues with the essence that made me like the last episode, develops more story, and leaves room for more. I'm am definitely interested in the episodes to come.

As a series, I think I'd rather give it time to develop more before passing any real criticisms, but it looks like it's going in a great direction.

As for criticisms...it's hard to think of any. As I've said...everything seemed fitting for the mood the animation has set. The only thing I can really say is that the computer was a little hard to understand a few times. It's nothing major really, it's just that some sentences went by quickly and took me an extra few seconds to process. In all honesty though, the voice fits the character well, so don't change it.

Bottom line: This was a great work and I'll be waiting patiently for the next one.

Toonwerks responds:

From the standpoint as one of the creators, I know it's easier to pick out flaws. There's a couple bits of animation that I know will bug me for ages to come, and there's some slight continuity errors with the art in the engine room, but it's so minor that not really anybody notices it.

Personally I think the biggest problem with the series so far is that we just don't have the time to give some of these stories taking place the proper delivery. It takes long enough to bring these episodes to fruition that a lot of things get cut.
For example, there were originally two inspectors, but we ended up merging them into one character. There were also a lot of big jokes that just didn't have any way to be worked in without going off on a tangent.
Every time we talk about future episodes, we always have to think in the back of our heads "most of this will probably be cut in order to tell the story properly" and a lot of the stuff is usually a lot of fun and I'm sure most of us at Toonwerks is sad to see some of it go, even if it IS for the better good. We just don't make enough money to not have day jobs and do nothing but animate for a living, so I'm sure we'll always be pressed for time, even with 2 or 3, and even 4 of us working on something. ~ Casey

Great fun!

Wonderful animation!


In response to why humans are on the bottom, maybe cause they have the lowest technology of the universe? Also they're so clueless and don't have the resources, like other planets and alien races do. Sorry we don't have any cool glowing or sub matter to offer, there for cheap labor. Anyway love the new characters and keep up the great work. Poor Quintin I wonder what happen to him next? At least he didn't get cheesed lol.

Toonwerks responds:

We've had several ideas as to the plot of why humans are the way they are in this series. It's likely to be something we reveal to audiences slowly, sort of a mini story arc within the series.

The first idea we had is cause Humans were just boring. In every Sci-fi show you see, humans are always the most basic beings ever. Aliens always have acidic blood or multiple heads or tentacles or can turn invisible. It's like we're on a planet surrounded by super heroes. So when Earth was discovered, all these aliens were incredibly dissapointed.

I liked that idea to start with, but over time we developed it into something much more story driven that we think people will enjoy.