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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Very original, inspiratonal

I love how uv managed to make such a simple game so interesting.This has given me some inspiration and ideas for my first submission to newgrounds. Thank you.

DamianS responds:

I'm glad to have inspired you! I hope your first submission is a hit :)


Great secrets,awesome game style.This must be daily 5th or something like thet.Really liked it man ;) Really.

Epic fun!

Indeed, this is a very good bite-sized metroidvania (Although, to be a bit more accurate, there could have been a more re-enterable room-oriented design). Last "level" deserves an epilepsy warning, though.

By the way, since there's been a fair two-month buffer, I feel the need to give a hint: the REAL last level is not the "End" one. You'll know you're at the last level when the objective is hidden behind a block and you have no jumps. And you might start having an epileptic fit, too.

DamianS responds:

Two-month buffer? I submitted this yesterday :P

As for being more like a metroidvania, I agree there isn't enough backtracking. I don't see this as being a bad thing though.

Don't know what the fuss is about..

I completed this my first try without a walkthrough. I don't know what people are complaining about. "Perfect jumps" It was easy to jump six times and get to the guy. Nice job.


serious, don't play this if you have epilepsy