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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"


I wish you would wait a year to release another game if this is what a day and a half gets us. if this took longer i would have criticized how short it was only because i would hve been angry for more.

DamianS responds:

I've never worked more than a week on something. I have the attention-span of a rodent.

I am also stumped.

On Super Happy Fun Rave Time. I cannot see how to beat that level :D

Loved everything else though, and just cos i cant beat it..well, you're still getting a 10/10. Good job! Hope to see more!

I beated the "congrulations..." end

I got the super rave end itssss supeer. TO finish the congr.. end get the jump. and jumppp while in the air then you'll finish that lvl. great game great ending

I liked it

I don't get these other people, but I actually enjoyed the game. Looking forward to a sequal

I liked it

It was to short but thats all good game. also @ rocker I'm epileptic and let me tell you its only a specific patter that will cause seizures though your concern is nice this game will not hurt anyone.