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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Rave time?

I would have dispensed that D:

by the other reviews, it looks like you couldn't fool many with "the end" :D
but it's a nice game
a bit short and a little bit limited but it's ok

I like it.

Simple, well thought out, and addictive...too bad it's a little too short.

Epilepsy Warning

This game needs an Epilepsy Warning. Seriously.

Other than the...

Seizure I had at the last level, it was a fun little game. Great job.

Short, but nifty

It serves its task well, distilling the metroidvania gameplay style of tight and difficult moves and planning into a tidy, no-nonsense piece that examines the genre as a whole without becoming a tawdry art piece. It is a legitimate purification of a popular genre, and it serves to really demonstrate to people what the genre is basically about.

I played on mute, so I can't really talk about the music, but overall this is a clever game to breeze through, even if it doesn't have a great deal of replayability. As such, I gladly give it an 8 out of 10 and a 4 out of 5.