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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Yes, maybe, or no?

Now, I'm going to have to say, this was a very enlightening game. 8-bit graphics with good coloring and superior movement flash, a good, quick game. Constructed with minor effort, however simple and plainly fun as a basic animation and practice. And thats the end of my review.


My, I could already tell that you must be intelligent to actually use your common sense to create such a wonderful flash. The way I see it, more than 70% of newgrounds users must have stopped at the level where it has said "You Win" or something(at lvl 18). You people reading this, (by the way its a spoiler) at lvl 18, it is NOT impossible. Very possible, in fact a very easy level where you use your basic common sense and physics knowledge to beat it in less than 4 seconds i would say. Maybe a little complicated around the labyrinths, but that just makes it more interesting. A creative and again simple flash; creates motivation and mysterious activation. Great game.

9/10, 5/5 =)

-About a couple of days ago, the last level, (level 20(or so i inferred o.o(as in what the fuck is it the last level? this is crazy))) had a lama or something in the right side. now this refers to the summary, as in "Yes, maybe, or no?". Did you have it updated, is it a bug or am I going crazy? Because i went back there again today and it firmly said it is the end without a lama thing. Please reply with this answer.

-I gave this flash a 9/10 because there were a few bugs. The time was becoming unresponsive, and i couldn't jump at times. Please try to fix them in further time; it could improve it forever.

-I wouldn't give a damn if it was the last level or not, since it clearly is unbeatable according to my standards of learning at my current age, but if you have the time, please tell me how to beat it. If it is really the end of the game, please add a scene or a replay button to help understand, or if there really IS more levels, add a more severe clue as to what I could see to beat it, and continue with this fine flash.

-For the outside parts other than the main game, you should add a mute button, pause button, options button, menu button and other things as well as a graphics button. At least add a title page and an ending page, which would be greatly appreciated by me and all other newgrounds users.

I know this is only a practice, like a beta version, but if you improve it the way in the notes have said, it maybe a really awesome game, with higher score points from others.

(On a further note, please thank all your fellow music providers a well pat on the back as a token of appreciation. They deserve it; those were really good soundtracks, fit for this game.)


Suprised by how much I liked it.

I'm not sure if I'm convulsing on the floor out of excitement or if I'm having an epileptic seizure.


seriously tho... epilepsy warning man. that was dangerous what you just pulled. you can really hurt someone.

a little short but good

summary says it all


Thanks for the "how to build a puzzle level 101" lesson, but you forgot to actually add a level editor like some of the competition!