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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Seizure warning please?

Two problems with this game: Some levels are just too damn frustrating, and look at the summary for #2.

WARNING: Last level may cause siezures

Not a joke on that, but anyway, great game. the mini-story one was only difficult cuz I didn't see the last jump xD
I'll be lookin' out for anything new from ya.


Pretty good game overall. I just wish it was longer.

fun game

but I agree with others here, you should probably have en epilepsy warning for that last stage


Do not play this game if you're prone to epilepsy and seizures. Since the author seemed to fail at providing a warning i shall do so here.

Fun game but lost several points for not providing an epilepsy warning. Seriously man you can hurt yourself and if someone goes into a seizure from this game then both you and newgrounds will be liable. You for creating the game and not providing a warning, and newgrounds for posting the game and not having a warning.

Next time please think before pulling as tun like that.