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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"


Took me only a few tries to realize the "ending" was a facade. I managed to beat all the bonus levels, the last one had me for a bit! I applaud you for making something a perfect blend of 'easy-breezy' and extremely difficult!

Music: The "Running out of Time!" noises were annoying to say the least, especially on the last few bonus levels where you're ALWAYS "running out of time" ;P But at least a mute option was uncluded and instructed. The music however was very appropriate in setting the tone and was just freakin awesome to listen to besides ;P

Graphics: Well, It's 8 bit anyways. But very fitting for an arcade-style platformer (and puzzler!).

Bugs: One minor but irrelevant - on the level where you pick up a ton of speed up arrows and one jump arrow, you end up running right through a couple of the speed arrows. But this doesn't hinder your ability to beat the level so whatever.

It was sweet and simple, I liked it. Too bad there weren't any high score records for total lives lost, fastest level times or fastest total game completion time.

Addicting, fun, frustating, but too short.

Like the concept, you put thought into your game and i had a fun time with your platformer. The ending was well worth it haha. I'm not sure but i think that the title on the last level kills you haha.

The only bad part about this game is it was too short.

"Is the End Fake?"

Pretty fun, loved the old school video game music levels, is the end just a great facade to prove how stupid i am? Granted after jumping the ledge for the twelfth time i should have realized it wouldnt work, but DAmmit!! it seemed so real, the end so , easily in reach.. the you lied, good game non the less, fun 15 minutes was had

Almost great.

I made it to Mini-Story and just stalled out. Its a good game but some of the actions required are so obnoxiously specific that it drains the fun out.

Simple, But Satisfying

Great game with a decent difficulty progression, but I was irritated by the fake ending. If it weren't for the llama, I would've given up. 'Nuff said.