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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Simple and fun!

Even though this has been done more times than I can remember, it still works and is fun.

- Gameplay is top-notch, I noticed no problems with controls or anything
- Artwork, well, basic but it works
- Story nonexistent but eh, doesn't matter here
- Music is great, good choices with that
- Difficulty curve is quite nice, though I only had trouble with the last level. Took me about 10 minutes probably.
- Kind of lazy ending, but well, it fit my mood after I completed the last level

Overall I shouldn't really give this a rate this high, because of it's simplicity but, damn, it does what some games with lots more artwork and planning do not.

It's fun.

4/5, 8/10

Improvements: I myself think this game is to demonstrate how good game mechanisms are made, so thinking that way, it's perfect.
However, could always improve artwork and perhaps put in a story.
But like I said, those don't matter here.

Great job!

Great experiance

The Music choice was great and the gameplay was interesting. With People having trouble with the Red backround levels, On "crosscrosscross" Hug the left wall and you will be allowed to fall. Grab every powerup and manipulate every platform.

i'm giving you a 9 because...

because it has the word "literacy" in the title. I HATE LITERACY!

Oh hai.

Fuck that was hard. Suggestion: Add a Level Editor if you want to make this game last longer. It would be really apreciated :D

Ugh, did it, that was...

This game is quite hard as soon as you reach the levels with the flickering red backgrounds, the last level took me quite a while but i did it, i dont like the rave music though...