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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

Well, that was actually quite fun

All the way to the end, the game had me acting on instinct, whilst still trying to think. Prioritize was my favorite puzzle because of it's instant difficulty, I literally only had 1 second left when I completed. I'm also proud to say I only lost once, [not including the last level, in which I've died 14 times.] And I am not waiting for the timer to finish, there's gotta be more. Right? D:

This game was really good.

I can't find the music but anyway, this was a good job. I give out a 10/10. But we want moar levels!

DamianS responds:

I added this to the description, but here's the links to where I got all the songs:
We Look So Pretty Today by SkyLabrynth: http://bit.ly/o6drTt
Kraid (Metroid) by Random: http://bit.ly/n5jOmj
The Gears Go (Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin) by greatspaceadventure: http://bit.ly/pNScVs
Geothermal (Cave Story) by ZeroPass: http://bit.ly/oo1tPA

Nice game!

I wish it could go past the "Super Happy Fun Rave Time!"

Nice game!

Now if it only had a custom level designer...

Hey! great game!

You should make a metroidvania, maybe like snailiad. I love this type of game and you can make one. i loved this one!