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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"

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Not bad. Not great either. You couldn't be bothered to plan better levels, apparently.

I liked it

I don't get these other people, but I actually enjoyed the game. Looking forward to a sequal

super happy fun rave time!

you win!


I really dont like this game. I did finish it and got the flashing end - rave time. But really? It sucked....

I do agree about the perfect jump thing. Its over done a LOT in games. Who really cares if you can make perfect jumps? Granted - I did it. LOL. But still.....

And basicly, you just have people running back and forth over the same small area - that got old really quick.

The music - REALLY bad. I dont care about the pause button since the entire game was like 3 mins? But, mute would have been nice.

Really easy game and really bad idea.


@mursie, the level you are talking about is the last level of the game, and chances are you missed one of the jump arrows, because it was easy for me.

Neat little game, but overall fairly easy.