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Reviews for "Game About Game Literacy"


Should have put a freakin seizure alert... Other than that, I liked the upgrade system, could have been more fun if you implemented patrolling monsters that send you back to spawn for a more time-crunchy feel.


I loved it!

I like games like this one. Very simplistic controls yet it comes with great challenges! Keep it up!


seizure ftw

holy shit

the ending almost gave a a seizure

People will have seizures!

I'm not usually one to spoil things, but if you are suseptible to seizures you should not play this game! The ending is a rave screen with bright, rapidly flashing colors that could harm you!

Had that eye rape not been at the end I could have given this game an easy seven, but with that I have to say that, for the prervation of life, this game is a three at most. Why does everyone have to be a dick on the internet and try to kill eachother!