Reviews for "the Internet Pals"

Google is a souless, profit at any means kind of company. Google anything? Well kiss your privacy goodbye because they keep track and collect data from every search you make as well as any cite owned/affiliated with them (Youtube, Google+, etc.) among other methods. They then use this information to aim ads towards you in hopes of making more $ off them. They're not the only company, Facebook and others do it too, but Google is the largest spy of them all. So honestly, Youtube AND Google+ should both be shot because of this. I did not find this amusing, but the animation and voice work was good.

Wow...Even though I've seen this a lot of times now..It never ceases to amaze me..It shows like a reality between websites..Awesome ^0^

Shotty facebook :o

I can see this happening, but i think I would shoot myspace too, keep him from suffering much longer...

Loved it. I especially like the part where Facebook is talking about his new 'hat'. First time I listened to it, I was a little confused about that. Jazza, keep up the awesome work, despite this being made 2 years ago.