Reviews for "Hanger 2"

Call the Doctor.

Guys, guys, guys, i got an idea.
What if, he hits the ceiling with his head...
Now stay with me here.
What if...he hits the ceiling with his head... and his leg falls off.

I laughed my ass off playing this.

Fun game

Very fun addictive game and some great levels, keep up the work :)


The controls would flow better if you HOLD space to hang and release space to release the rope. It just would make it feel much better and give you more control. Having to press space twice is kinda cumbersome. Other than that i love the idea of swinging around.

hahahaha 10!

good game, good music! great!

no problem

a really easy game but it does get boring abit. it has unrealistic psysic so i was expecting that to be fixed from the previous game