Reviews for "Rebuild 2"

good, but the settings button in game seems to crash the game for me

Oh, my god. I remember playing this some time ago. It's a testament to your skill that it's pretty much the face of the zombie games section! The graphics were awesome, I loved our customizable characters, and I admit I got a bit attached to some of the generated side-characters. The different skillsets and weapons were excellent. Though I do wish that we could have gotten some overarching consequences to some choices. Like, choosing so-and-so would later come back with additional ripples. Something of the sort. But yes, great game, only put it in as a 4.5 because it did crash on me quite a few times before I could finish playing.

Very good! Much improved from the original. Though there seems to be a glitch wherein the game crashes when the options are brought up. It's crashed on me twice now.

I love this Version! Its more serious and Dark instead of the cartoony artstyle Nice!

I would have rate 5 star if I could enter the config menu. Anyway, it's a good game, I coulld spend hours playing.