Reviews for "Rebuild 2"

i have played this game for the last week every night and it is just not gettin old. i love this game!!!! dude bro you gotta make a 3rd one cuz this game is thats right im sayin it THE NUMBER ONE GAME ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a GREAT game. I love the diferrent endings,and the option to keep going if you beat it. Going to be playing this for awhile.

Wow! An amazing game with an awesomely perfect soundtrack. And the various storylines (fixing the helicopter, war with Final Judgement, etc.) are like having several smaller games with the game. Definitely replayable for a long time to come.

Where can i get a look(listsen) to this sweet track

I have spent most of my spare time on this game for the last week plus... and enjoyed it immensely.

Could write 1,500 words of a walkthrough about it, but here are a few less than obvious tips.

When playing game on "impossible", consider killing zombies in an adjacent area, but NOT reclaiming it afterwards. This is to lower the # of surrounding zombies, so you could have more people being active without that danger % running obscenely high.

Further the above point, while the game would suggest sending the strongest soldier for a zombie killing mission, it's actually more beneficial to send a higher number of low-level soldiers, as each of them would gain 0.5 level of soldier skills after the mission. This also applies for scavenging/recruiting missions.

There are also a few glitches in the game that I don't know was intentional or not. First, while you cannot recruit new survivors while at the housing capacity, you could turn suburbs into farms (thus making the place overpopulated) and nothing bad would happen.

Also, while some mission requires, say, a level 4 builder, you could equip a level 2 builder with a toolbox (+2), then unequip the toolbox while in the "select personnel" screen to get the level 2 guy to do the mission, and save the toolbox for another person.

And no, despite beating the game like 8 times on various difficulty level/city sizes and finding all 5 endings (even in the same game), I did not get the secret medal.

Again, fantastic game. Now I may actually go try out rebuild 1 just to see where this came from.