Reviews for "Rebuild 2"

This game still awesome!!!

I can't open the settings menu but otherwise, great game.

It blacks out sometimes when i try to save, luckily, auto save is there. The humor is good-ish. I like the feature where 5 survivors go and start again in a new city. Made me create the group called the "Architects". The 5 person crew with all levels at 10, my own avatar included. Makes me want to play this with every City in Illinois, my state. But why stop there? lets take the Architects and reclaim ALL of America, then the world! This game is good. and I would play it that long. but waifu "taco" O'Neil should stop intervening when I right the constitution. Zombies are people too, pffff.

One of the funniest strategy games ever.

Jugué este juego hasta que morí y mírame, lo estoy jugando de nuevo :)