Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 4"

Best one yet.

Can't wait for more.


I still laugh when GAYLORD Steambath talks. It seriously sounds like he is forcing some poop out. By the way was that Mario I saw?

Wonderful plot! You included various elements of Minecraft (like the Nether) into the plot ingeniously. Girls play Minecraft? I sure hope so, but that was pretty funny. Just wondering, but will you have them moving 3D in one scene at some point in the future? That'd be pretty cool. Mikeynitro said that you took a character so many people enjoyed and turned him evil. I thought you thought up the idea of Gaylord Steambath, but was he someone else elswhere or a parody or what? His accent does seem "familiar" somewhat. Actually, the Nether is pretty awesome so I hope they join the villagers. Thanks for making this again!

did anyone else see bill from left4dead

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