Reviews for "Minecraft: TNA Part 4"


I thought it said Fart 4....

Love the animation, hate the criticism

Why are there people nitpicking this to the max and not understanding the point of it? It takes place in the world of Minecraft where they make jokes usually about Minecraft. Yes this is about Minecraft, but it's one of the only flash series for Minecraft I know of. now that I'm done hating the haters, I'd like to say that I noticed the Lewis from Yogscast reference during the server building scene, I laughed a little when seeing that.


well to be constructive with my criticism, MOAR PLZ!


when is the fith one coming out. and how much episodes are you going to make.

Cool but.

I got 2 Questions 1st: How you could dwar this greatly and 2nd: WTF GIRLS PLAY MINECRAFT OMFG!