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Reviews for "Pass The Flash II"


that was actualy really entertaining and quite good - -you guys did a great job of tying it together!


I have never witnessed a greater story in my lifetime. Good job to every participant in this fantastic collab.


A great poet once said "You're the best around," and I believe this movie fills that shoe, the greatest shoe ever shoed, shown to the world on a silver platter with a side of french fries, but you don't need ketchup or mayonnaise for these french fries, cause these are the french fries of the gods, and no unworthy condiment, or should I say *compliment*(?) will be able to truly represent the awe of what has been done right here, right now, no time to stop no stop lights cause we're full bases loaded on the drop of a pin right through the head out of my mind I don't mind cause it doesn't matter anymore cause this is a new beginning of the chapter part 2 the top of the barrel but we ain't no fish we a whole new jazz and this is the Dizzy Gillespie to the Moondog this is a great collab


PTF being late is an unintended time honored tradition. Great to see this come from so far.


Can't say anything but that. This has to be one of the best CC collabs to date. Great work, to each of you involved!