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Reviews for "Pass The Flash II"

Wow old

Clockcrew is over 8 yrs old. These flashes easily couldve been made in the year they travel back to, and these easily would've made the top 50 within a day -- guess not. (3.28).

The 'crew' needs to find a way to 'reinvent' itself, or risk being swept, under a bunch of newer 'internet'.

I should have gotten in on this

With my added talent we would have taken home an OSCAR! Too bad I leave the Clock Crew forever too frequently to take part in long term projects like these.

The best collab I've ever seen.

All the parts had their own special touch to this. And the plot was just complex enough to keep me interested, without confusing me to hell. Amazing work, guys!

Godamn. We are some talented motherfuckers.

Look at all this GOODNESS that done happened.

This Flash Is Crunk, Fo' Shizzle!

This was far more epic than I was expecting. I like how incredibly overcomplicated everything becomes.